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Fighting Lines 🚃

School project - Jun. 2018 - Work with Samuel Lefebvre

How to create local meetings nowadays? Fighting Lines is a mobile app designed in order to gather people in public transport by the game.


The Brief

The brief of the project was: designing a web service in order to encourage local meeting. The idea was to create a community. So why not a community about a bus, or another mode of public transport? Some people use to take the same bus, share the same space, share the same moment together without knowing each other.

A lot of different users

Users of public transport are very different. How gather those some many different kinds of people? So we thought about the game. For us, this is the most universal thing that touches everyone.


A community

Our goal was first to create a community, in order for people to interact with a network they often don’t pay attention: the transit network. The idea is to create a team of players for a bus line (a team = a bus line), and the different bus line fight with each other. That’s why the name: Fighting Lines.


The idea was to create a community around games. The tournament system seemed to us to be a righteous idea. So we imagined a tournament that would take place each month, leading to a ranking that, at the end of the month, would determine the winning team (and so the bus line).

concept app


There is a problem when you play on your phone in public transports: when you want to play with the multiplayer mode, it’s hard to find other players (especially for local apps with not so much users). So we thought about a solution: playing step by step. Each player has a few hours to play, and then this is the turn of the opponent. It’s another way to play with other players.

App Flow

In order to organize the content as simply as possible, we divided the app into 4 parts. The “home” part hosts the tournament of the month and the game store, classified into different category, including the category of favorite games, put forward. The “task” part is used for games in progress. The “profile” part allows us to add a touch of gamification in the progress of the user in the application. Finally, in the “team” part, the user will be able to view the statistics of his team, its ranking in the tournament and the members of the team, as well as access the chat.

Final Result


During registration, the user is invited to choose a team, and therefore a bus line to which he wishes to connect. It is then explained to him how the tournaments and the games play.

Games in progress

It is not necessarily easy for the user, when he has started several games, to know for each of them when it is his turn to play. A part would be dedicated to the games in progress, to allow him to know clearly when it is his turn to play.

Maybe a meeting ?

Thanks to the chat section into the app, team players can discuss the current game. Of course, the goal is not to make people meet, but just to suggest it. Maybe Alice one day would like to meet Zohra, who is in the same team, because they take the same bus in the morning.