October 2019 - February 2020

Why Shanghai?

I've moved to China in August 2019. It was for me like to head out into the unknown, but it was certainly the best choice I've made. Be immersed in a very different culture allow me to learn a lot, about our world and myself as well. But why shanghai specifically? First of all, Shanghai is a crazy city, because it gives you so many perspectives and opportunities. It's like everything is possible. Also, life goes faster, and technologies are developed very quickly. So that as a product designer, moving in Shanghai was an amazing opportunity.


Wiredcraft is a digital product agency that owns offices in Paris and Hong-Kong too. This agency works for famous fashion brands like Channel, Nike, Blueberry, Tiffany&Co. Wiredcraft mostly develops Wechat Mini-Programs. You should know that Wechat, and Mini-Programs which could be associated with, represent a large part of Chinese e-commerce. In China, every brand owns its Wechat Mini-Program to allow to their consumers a full-digital experience

That's where Omni comes in, a platform intended to global brands that would like to give a cross-channel experience to their customers. Omni works on different branches: analytics, orders, and events management. Working on a such complex project was not an easy task for me, but I've learned so much. I've gained in speed, and I've learned to target problems and needs much faster.

I also worked with a senior UI/UX designer to design a WeChat mini-program template. The main issue here was to make it suitable to as many brands as possible, so we worked on a lot of edge cases and possibilities to make this experience customizable and accessible.

In a nutshell

Working on Omni pushed me to think and to design in a complex system but also with a lot of different edge cases because the product needed to fit many different brands. But beyond this project, working in an international company, with a strong Chinese culture, was for me a rewarding experience.